BlueFile Affiliate Program

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Are you a fan of BlueFile and want to share it with others? Join our affiliate program and earn cash for each new customer you sign up! Here’s how it works:

1. Sign Up

Become an affiliate member for just $40.00. Give credit to your friend, and enter their name as your referral at checkout.

2. Share

Share your personal referral link with your fellow nurses and start earning.

3. Earn

You could get your first paycheck in as little as 72 hours with BlueFile.

How To Get Paid

Most millionaires have seven different streams of income

With Bluefile, you have the power to help others solve a huge problem with professional licensure management and earn money while doing it! When you refer a new customer using your unique link, you’ll receive a 20% commission on their subscription fee. That means if someone signs up for our $199/month plan, you’ll earn an impressive $38 instantly!

But that’s just the beginning. For every person your fellow colleague refers, you’ll receive an additional 7% commission. And if that person refers another customer, you’ll earn an extra 3%, bringing your total commission to an outstanding 30%.

Why are we promoting our product this way?

We have a limited program for individuals who are just as excited about our product as we are. Instead of spending all of our marketing dollars on the usual methods, like Google ads, we are using our best advocates to sell the product: our customers. We know you love our product and believe your friends will too. Help us share Bluefile and get paid! Join our affiliate program today and start earning cash for promoting BlueFile!

Room to Grow

As a Bluefile affiliate, the earning potential is significant. Let’s take a look at some math to see just how much you could earn by signing up your coworkers: