Never let another credential or license expire

Organization and reminders for all your credentials, licenses, and continuing education. Worries about credential expirations and continuing education requirements are a thing of the past!

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What Is Bluefile and How Does It Work?

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What We Offer

Organization at its Best

Auto Import, Securely store, easily share.

Credential Tracking

Tracking credentials couldn’t be easier. Reminders start 3 months prior to the expiration. We’ll remind you with an email and mobile text message. No worries, you can turn off reminders anytime.

Continuing Education

We’ll remind you by email and mobile text message well before your continuing education requirements are due. We’ll also give you a visual of how many units still need to be completed.


Along with tracking credentials and continuing education, you can upload a copy to print or download anytime you like.


Coming soon. Stop emailing all of those credentials. You’ll be able to directly and SAFELY share any of your credentials and continuing education units without emailing.

Private and Secure

Bluefile’s architecture was built from the ground up to protect your data in accordance with the highest industry standards for security and privacy. We ensure that your data is protected both in transit and at rest.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you’re on your mobile device or on your desktop, you’ll always have access to the tools we provide.

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Doing the Heavy Lifting

Auto-Import Your Licenses

At BlueFile, we understand the importance of keeping track of your professional licenses and certifications. That’s why we’ve made it easy to import your nursing licenses and American Heart Association credentials with just a click of a button.  BlueFile ensures that your licenses and certifications are always current and readily accessible whenever you require them, providing you with peace of mind.

We Add New Features Regularly

Track With Ease

Start organizing and tracking all your credentials. You’ll receive regular reminders before any of your credentials, licenses, or ID’s expire.  Additionally, you can store contacts of reference, education, and any other information!. All information is encrypted for security.


Import Your Credentials And Licenses

Adding your credentials and licenses has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can import all of your nursing and advanced practice licenses BLS, ACLS, and PALS cards into Bluefile. You can also upload a copy of your continuing education, professional references, work experience, and immunizations for convenient reference. Organize, download, print, and share with ease. We ensure that your data is protected both in transit and at rest.


Add Your Continuing Education

Keep track of your continuing education requirements for your professional license. You’ll always have a visual of what you’ve completed and how many continuing education requirements are left.


Let The Reminders Roll

Never let another license expire again. Receive notifications of an expiring credential or license via text and email. Reminders begin at 90 days and continue until the credential is updated or expires. After renewing your license, your information is automatically updated in your Blue File via our magic “sync” button. Wabam!

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How We Can Help You

BlueFile Saves You Time and Money

Important Reminders

With so many requirements to practice your profession, it can be hard to keep up with expiration dates and continuing education requirements. A single licensure mistake can cost a provider thousands of dollars, with most taking weeks to rectify. BlueFile ensures that you will never have another license lapse again. All your licensure and certifications are securely stored in one place and easily accessible. Set it and forget it.

Easily Shareable

Easily shareable. Credentialing with a new hospital can take up to 90 days to complete, after submitting all the required documents, and can cost you hours of time. But with Bluefile, you can send an easily shareable, secure link to your newest credentialer, giving them access to your required documents instantly, while saving you hours of time. If you change your mind, you can revoke access to the shared link with one simple click through your Bluefile dashboard.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Made Simple

The hours spent organizing and sending your credentials can add up quickly. With Bluefile, you only have to do it once! We also make it possible for your credential manager to update your information automatically. This means less time chasing credentials and more free time for you.

All Inclusive
Yearly Plan
$ 199/ yr
30-day free trial
  • No charge for 30 days
  • Organization of all your credentials
  • Reminders start 3 months before expiration
  • Reminders by email and text message (SMS)
  • CME/CEU tracking
  • Share your Bluefile securely with your credential manager
  • Primary source verification for your licenses*
  • All future upgrades
  • Cancel anytime
Best for Corporations
Enterprise Plan
Best for Large Organizations
  • Quantity User Discount
  • Dedicated Support and Onboarding
  • Organization of all your credentials
  • Reminders 3 months before expiration
  • Email and text message reminders
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